“There is hysteria in the darknet”

How the collapse of Hydra completely changed the multibillion-dollar drug trafficking market in Russia

The Russian market for the online sale of banned substances continues to be in a fever after the sudden closure by the German police of the former monopolist, Hydra. Those fighting for the remaining vacant position of the main darknet marketplace of drugs are trying their best to take the place of the closed site. Some maneuvers cost millions of dollars to the players claiming to be the new monopolist, but no one has a clear advantage so far. “The tape.<url>” figured out how the darknet and its inhabitants changed after the collapse of Hydra and why more and more of its users are saying that the shadow Internet was gripped by panic.

Key Russian Darknet Forum sold

There are not so many ways to develop your business and win an audience on the Darknet as in ordinary legal life. Many of this already small number are quite “dirty”. However, one of the least illegal ways is to purchase existing sites that have weight in the shadow segment of the Internet. It was to him that those who decided to take the place of Hydra and become a new monopolist in the drug trade turned.