The bright side of the darknet is the possibility of communication for dissidents

At the same time, it should be understood that the darknet is not only a tool of criminals and a trading platform of the criminal world. The anonymity of this segment of the Internet makes it possible for people living in countries where there is political persecution and there is no freedom of speech to communicate safely. And also in countries where people, after Edward Snowden’s revelations about total and uncontrolled surveillance by the special services, are looking for new opportunities for anonymous communication.

Opposition movements around the world are taking advantage of the Tor browser.

In 2011, the Tor Project, which provides and maintains the operation of the browser of the same name, was awarded the 2010 Public Significance Award from the Free Software Foundation (FSF). “Tor has provided uncensored Internet access to almost 36 million people worldwide, allowing them to control their privacy and anonymity,” the rationale for the award notes.

And in 2015, the Tor Project was supported by the German Foreign Ministry. By the way, through the easily installed Tor browser, you can access not only the darknet, but also the regular Internet, while maintaining anonymity. Security, however, comes at a price: data transfer speeds are much slower when using a Tor browser.