According to the representative

The Central Department for Combating Cybercrime of Frankfurt Prosecutor Georg Ungefuk (Georg Ungefuk), the shadow Internet has not fundamentally changed the criminal world, but has expanded its capabilities. “This applies to all areas, but child pornography – especially,” said Georg Ungefuk in an interview with DW.

According to an expert who, together with other employees of the department, participated in the investigation of the case around the site for pedophiles Elysium, the darknet attracts child abusers also because it seems to them that anonymity will allow them to avoid criminal prosecution.

In addition, once they get into the darknet, users – at least in the initial stages – do not need special skills to work in it.

“Back in the recent past, almost every site on the darknet had a section of so-called “technical support”, which explained how to observe precautions, how to misdirect law enforcement officers and how to maintain anonymity in general,” explains Ungefuk.